In September 2006, DI Harald F. Goeschl formed a team of experienced and competent civil engineers and founded  „Roadworks ZT GmbH“. In just a few years,  „Roadworks ZT GmbH“ became one of the most successful engineering companies in Austria,  „Roadworks ZT GmbH“.

Although the company is rather young, it has been involved in the planing of very large projects, nationally as well as internationally. All of these projects have been fulfilled to the clients utmost satisfaction.

„Roadworks ZT GmbH“ is very proud to announce that various of the buildings constructed, won prizes and nominations. In 2012  „Qubix 4 Praha“ located in Prague Czech Republic, was nominated as „Construction of the Year“. In 2012  „Greenworx“ located in Vienna Austria, won the famous and all desired Platinum Leed Award.

„Roadworks ZT GmbH“ supports and encourages the idea to merge with other market-leading companies.  This synergy leads to flexibility and success.

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